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Please read the following information before completing a request form for support through Grace Counseling Ministry.

Here is what we are best able to help with…

The ministry is a small counseling and coaching/mentoring ministry that provides short-term, Bible-based support for people who are struggling with typical life challenges (e.g., anxiety, depression, grief/loss, communication, relationships, self-worth, stress-management, etc.). The ministry is not designed to provide mental health diagnoses, long-term mental health treatment, or court-related assessment services. It also is not staffed or designed to handle emergency support needs.

Who serves in the ministry…

Dr. Steve Green is a licensed professional counselor. He has a PhD and master’s degree in mental health counseling. As a “generalist,” he works with a variety of issues and helps individuals (elementary aged and up), couples, and families. He provides part-time counseling for Grace at the church most weeks.

Nathan and Christine Carmichael are not licensed or professionally trained counselors but volunteer with the counseling ministry as “lay counselors” and often meet with one or two couples per week in a marriage coaching/mentoring capacity. They have extensive training through Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries.

Chris Wittlinger volunteers with the counseling ministry as a lay (non-professional) counselor. Chris completed a master's degree in counseling from _________________. He is not licensed to practice counseling in North Carolina and is volunteering in a non-professional manner.

When we are available…

Steve typically counsels two afternoons a week (usually Mondays and Tuesdays, sometimes Wednesdays), with his latest appointment being 5:00. He does not provide nighttime or weekend appointments. Nathan and Christine typically do one or sometimes two sessions each week, and those often are scheduled in the early evening but not on weekends. Chris is available to meet on Thursdays. If you need nighttime or weekend appointments, you should consult with your medical doctor or insurance company for recommendations. Steve can also provide you with a referral list that, while not an exhaustive list, may help you in your search for a counselor.

We often have a waiting list…

Because we tend to have a waiting list, if you have a life-threatening or other emergency need, please either consult with your medical doctor, call 911, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. If your need is not necessarily an emergency, you may still either want to consult with your medical doctor or insurance company for referral ideas so that you can move ahead with receiving counseling or support. You might also want to consider the referral list that Steve can provide you with in case one of those counseling services is a good fit for your counseling needs.

Ours is a short-term support ministry…

Grace Bible Church’s Counseling Ministry runs on a short-term basis. The first meeting is an “assessment” meeting to better determine if and how the ministry may be able to assist. If the ministry is a good match to the person’s unique needs, then up to 5 additional meetings may be possible for a total of 6 meetings overall. At any time while working together, a person (the “client”) and/or a Support for Life team member can choose to terminate the counseling or coaching/mentoring relationship. Steve can provide referral ideas if additional assistance is needed outside the ministry’s capabilities.

We help church members and non-members at no cost…

Services received through the Support for Life Counseling Ministry are covered through the gifts and offerings given through Grace Bible Church. This means that you cannot pay for the services received or purchase additional sessions. If, however, you are able and desire to do so, you may privately make a donation to Grace Bible Church on behalf of the counseling ministry. Your gift will be anonymously credited to the ministry.

How to submit a request for counseling/support…

You can complete our online request form that, once completed, will come to Steve, who will review your information and make contact within a few days. He typically will either, 1) attempt to schedule based on the availability you’ve listed in your request form; 2) provide you with a referral list if the waiting list is longer than usual; or 3) provide you with that same referral list if he believes your unique needs are outside the scope of the Support for Life Counseling Ministry.

You can also request support by calling 336-760-9959 and leaving a confidential voice mail with your name, phone number, and brief description of your need for assistance. This is a good option for people who do not have internet access.

Again, it may take Steve as much as a few days to respond to your request whether by internet or voicemail. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Other excellent sources of support at Grace Bible Church…

The Support for Life Counseling Ministry is one of many wonderful sources of help and healing at Grace Bible Church. We encourage you to visit Grace or check out our website to get more information about the many resources available through the church. And, if not at Grace, we hope you will consider getting involved with another church of your choice where you can grow in your relationship with God and experience the help and healing that only He can provide.

Thanks for your interest in the Support for Life Counseling Ministry of Grace Bible Church!

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