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Sunday Night Seminar: Looking at Addiction through a Biblical Lens

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“Learning how to identity and overcome the idols of our hearts.”
Taught by Chris Wittlinger

What is addiction? Is it an issue of the heart or the brain? Does the Bible speak to addiction?  The Church cannot afford to be ill-informed when it comes to these questions. Not only do we need to have the right answers, we need to be asking the right questions. Is there anything in my own life to which I am enslaved? What idols drive my behavior and take priority in my life? This 3-week series will help us understand the true nature of addiction and the hope found in the Scriptures to those struggling with chemical dependency and to the rest of us who battle with letting idols usurp God's primacy in our hearts.

Whether you attend Grace Bible Church or not, you are welcome to join us for this important topic.