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Special Speaker: Jonathan Sarfati

Creation Ministries International

Presents Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Does God exist?  How can anyone believe in religion when science has neither a need nor a place for God?  Is evolution happening today?  If God is a God of love, why do we suffer and die?

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, a world-class scientist with Creation Ministries will be at Grace Bible Church this Sunday evening at 6:30 pm to offer answers to these important questions.  Dr Sarfati will unapologetically expose the bankruptcy of Darwinian evolution.  You'll be amazed to see how weak the scientific evidence for evolution is and how the evidence, when properly understood, confirms the details of the biblical account of creation. This seminar is of particular importance for high school and college students who need answers for their friends, teachers and professors who are challenging their faith. Come join us at Grace Bible Church, 3904 Woodview drive in Winston Salem this Sunday evening, June 11th at 6:30.


Dr Jonathan Sarfati studied science at Victoria University of Wellington where he obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry with two physics papers substituted (nuclear and condensed matter physics). His Ph.D. in Chemistry was awarded for a thesis entitled ‘A Spectroscopic Study of some Chalcogenide Ring and Cage Molecules’. He has co-authored papers in mainstream scientific journals on high temperature superconductors and selenium-containing ring and cage-shaped molecules. He also had a co-authored paper on high-temperature superconductors published in Nature when he was 22.

His full biography is available here.

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