Live with the End in View
February 18, 2018

  1. Identify someone you know or know of that seems to have a very good life even though they do not acknowledge God.

  2. Read Psalm 103:15-16. What is the significance of the last phrase of v.16?

  3. What influences of our culture tend to keep us from thinking and talking about the shortness and end of life?

  4. In your own words, list the Lord’s benefits in Ps. 103:2-5.

  5. In what ways does this list differ from the list of question #3?

  6. Discuss ways to think and talk about the shortness and end of life so that it is truthful and honest, yet not just an ominous topic of gloom. See Ps. 73:24-26.

    It is the destination that makes sense of the journey.
    David Gibson