Live with the End in View
August 19, 2018

Care Group Questions from Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

  1. Pastor Rich stated, “We don’t determine truth – we recognize it.”  How do the different forms of communication (Crafted, Credible, Critique) mentioned in the message help us discern and recognize truth?

  2. What does “Living for the opinion of One” mean to you?

  3. What are the risks of not using God as a reference point in understanding the meaning of our existence? What are the benefits?

  4. Solomon’s conclusion to the book of Ecclesiastes is, “Fear God and keep His commandments”. How do we keep His commandments beyond just a moral code?


  5. What role does grace play in helping us understand verse 14?

  6. How has God spoken to you through the study of the book of Ecclesiastes?