Live with the End in View
March 18, 2018

Care Group Questions from Ecclesiastes 2:12-26

  1. Read Ecc. 2: 12-17. Why was Solomon thinking that whether one is wise or foolish: "What difference does it make?" Have you had a time in life when you felt the same way about your life, your career, maybe your marriage or other relationships?

  2. Read Ecc. 2:18-26. Many people find meaning, purpose or satisfaction in their accomplishments. Why did Solomon call that vanity? If it is vanity why then should we be diligent to reach our potential in whatever calling God has given us?

  3. What is the difference between pleasure (enjoyment) and satisfaction (realized purpose)? Consider Christopher Parkening's testimony.

  4. Ecc. 2:26a what is the key to satisfaction in your own words?

  5. What is the benefit of doing "all to the glory of God"?