Live a Good Life
Making Sense of the Journey"
June 17, 2018

Read Ecclesiastes 8:1-13

  1. Chapter 8 opens with “Who is like the wise? And who knows the interpretation of a thing?”    
    Who is the “wisest person” you know (have known)?
    Describe the attributes that make (made) this person “wise”.

  2. Pastor Rich stated, “One’s disposition to authority reflects one’s disposition to God”.  When it comes to civil authority, what are the challenges Christians face in today’s culture?

  3. How should a Christian/The Christian Church respond when confronted with injustice in their lives and the lives of others?

  4. According to Solomon, what must we hold on to in times of injustice?

  5. Read Psalm 146:5-10.  In this exhortation to trust in the Lord God, what encourages you most to “plant seeds of justice and mercy”?

  6. What can you do to “plant seeds of justice and mercy” in your world?