Wisdom Gets the Edge
July 15, 2018

Care Group Questions from Ecclesiastes 10:1-11

  1. What are the benefits of living a life of good “character integrity”? What are the risks of living a life with no concern for integrity?

  2. “It is not what we do that determines who we are, rather who we are determines what we do.” How does this quote explain “character integrity?” According to vs. 2, where does wisdom come from?  How is wisdom related to character integrity?

  3. When faced with difficult decisions/situations, why is self-control so important?  Why is rage risky?

  4. Pastor Rich stated how wisdom helps one “realize the purpose of a life well lived”, and success as, “living well, helps one understand our purpose”. How should these statements help us make decisions that honor God?  How is this different from the world’s view?

  5. What are ways we can “prepare for action”, that reflect a life controlled by integrity, character and wisdom? How then will we define success?