Walk Worthy of Your Calling at Work
January 14, 2018

When we meet new people invariably the first thing they ask is, “What do you do?” because to many of us how we answer that question is how we determine who we are. But our relationship to Christ rather than our position in society determines our identity.

Ephesians 6:5-9

Icebreaker Questions –

“How does your work / employment define who you are?”
“What is most challenging about being a Christian in today’s working environment?”
“How do you see your work as a ministry?”
“How has God blessed you (i.e. like He did Joseph) during the “challenging times at work”?

Discussion -

1.      Eagerness – Readiness to do one’s duty

2.      Integrity – Doing right all the time even when pressured to do otherwise

3.      Conscientiousness – Commitment of excellence to your work

4.      Authority – Submitting to His authority gives you authority in what you do

5.      Mission -  Representing the character of God and the mind of Christ to the people you meet

6.      Generosity – Going beyond the requirements of your work for the benefit of others

7.      Worship – Understanding that your work matters to God

8.      Accountability – We ultimately answer to our Creator

Of the eight characteristics of a biblical work ethic, which challenges you the most?

Which of the characteristics would your co-workers/supervisor most likely use to describe your work ethic?

In Summary

1.      God created us to worship.
2.      God created us to work.
3.      For us, our work is worship.
4.      Work has intrinsic value and honors the Creator who designed us.
5.      God has uniquely gifted each of us for the work he calls us to.
6.      Perform with excellence for your Creator (Jesus is our boss).
7.      Attitude and integrity give credibility to the Gospel.
8.      Work is what we do, disciples on mission to make disciples is what we are.