Mid-week Worship is when we welcome everyone to gather for a time of renewal, refreshing and resource. Lots of "R's" there so you know a pastor wrote it.

We sing a lot. New songs, favorites, songs of joy, songs of worship - all of them directed to acknowledge our Creator God and give glory to Him. There is no better way to renew our spirit than to take our focus off ourselves and direct it toward Christ who is our life and strength.

It's refreshing to spend time with friends who love you and care enough to come alongside you to walk together in a God-ward direction. When we gather on Wednesdays we catch up on important things that matter to us: family, friends, work, ministry... life. Knowing more about each other helps us pray and show love in practical ways, bearing burdens, rejoicing with blessings, sharing failures and heartaches. It's another way to take our focus off ourselves and see others the way God sees them; to care about the world beyond the reach of our own arms.

The Apostle Peter said, "His divine power has given us everything that has to do with life and godliness, by knowing Him who called us to his own glory and excellence." That is an amazing statement really. God is offering us the power, the resources, the strength to do life in such a way that it draws us, pushes us closer to Him, rather than further away. The key is the more we know Him the more His Spirit makes us like Him. Not know about Him, but drawing close to Him, to know Him in truth. Truth that is unpacked and laid plain by clear teaching from His Word. We do that in the middle of the week, Wednesday at 7.

Come join us, be part of community, be discipled, grow and connect.