Pain and Satisfaction
April 15, 2018

Care Group Questions from Ecclesiastes 3:16-22

  1. Solomon argues that the one who is best off is the one who has not yet been born and has not seen the evil that is done under the sun (Eccl. 4:3). How troubled are you by the wickedness you observe in the world?  Do you mourn wickedness in your own life?

  2. There are four things that God does through human wickedness: 1) He humbles, 2) He draws people to seek truth, 3) He creates a longing for Himself, 4) He molds and shapes us.  Can you share an example of one of these, either in your own life or that of another?

  3. We all talk to ourselves.  What goes into developing the habit of godly self-talk?

  4. When you suffer wickedness and/or pain why is it necessary for you to remember that God will bring wholeness in Christ?

  5. When you suffer wickedness and/or pain what is the importance of reminding yourself that God is forming good in you?

  6. Discuss how we – as a community of grace – support each other in these matters.