a world of baloney
worldview discernment

9:30 AM - A study of predominant worldviews that battle for your heart and mind. Why do you believe what you believe and what impact do the competing worldviews have on us and the next generation? Does what you believe really matter? Has God really spoken? A class that asks you to think critically about what and why you believe. And to present Christianity as a rational, logically sound worldview that has the only coherent answers to the fundamental questions of life. Where did I come from? Why am I here? How do I then live? Where am I going?

running well.jpg

running well to finish well

9:30 AM - A class for those 40 and older. We look at the A to Z’s of perils to avoid, potentials to embrace and truths to hold on to no matter what age you are. It is too easy to drift into the senior years, sitting on the sidelines either because we feel our time is past, we aren’t wanted or we don’t know how to fit in. The Bible challenges that in every way. Seniors are to be a steady rock, a godly influence that tempers youth, that leads by example, that challenges us at every age to prepare to finish well and to keep aiming for new depths in our spiritual journey.



11:00 AM- Cling to God’s promises when trials come and then move forward with the hope of the gospel.


can science explain everything?

11:00 AM - Science and religion do not belong to a war zone, as some would have us believe. Prepare to follow the evidence where it leads. When you mention the Bible while at work or school, and someone says, “Science has disproved the Bible.” is there a reasonable response?