Join us as we wander the first century streets of the bustling city of Thessalonica and observe the growing church plant there. See how Paul introduced the Gospel to this diverse group of people in this crossroads town, and his discipling ministry while there and from afar by way of his two letters to them. See what the early church learned about end times prophecy and the return of Jesus and how we should live in anticipation of that Light. Consider the topics of God's will, personal discipleship, and encouraging one another in this journey of faith.
9:30 AM. Taught by Brian Wheeler.


christian masterworks-
C. S. Lewis and g.k. chesterton

A discussion survey of Christian thought from books by C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton. Adam will present from Lewis' "Miracles" exploring the incarnation and resurrection. On alternating weeks, Joshua will lead us through G. K. Chesterton's "Orthodoxy", dealing with causes and effects of theological liberalism.
9:30 AM. Taught by Adam King and Joshua Spencer.



Since their composition, the Psalms have been essential for the formation of the people of God. They have been called the key to the Scriptures, unlocking many themes that are treated in both the testaments. This class will focus on reading the Psalms for all they are worth, developing a better understanding of prayer, worship, meditation, the role of our emotions in spiritual life, and more.
11:30 AM. Taught by Bobby Locklear.