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Living By Faith

January 20, 2019

Read Psalm 37:1-2

  1. (Verse 1) “We want the satisfaction and loathe the inequities, except of course, when we benefit from them.” Provide examples from your own life where you’ve had to work through this.

  2. Explain how the ungodly (those who do not acknowledge God) can ‘make it’ in life while still missing the ‘why’ of life. (See Psalm 73 for additional support)

  3. Pastor Rich defines ‘success’ as operating according to design. What happens to us when we have a distorted definition of ‘success’? How can we guard against our understanding of success eroding into a distorted view of success?

  4. What does Psalm 37:2 say about the limitations of our perspective on time? What are our advantages in recognizing our limited perspective in light of the grand scheme of eternity?

  5. What do we need to do to improve in our ability of “Rehearsing the Why” of life?